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#KidAbelha #Nada Sei #BrazilianMusic ♪ Nada sei dessa vida vivo sem saber. Nunca soube, nada saberei sigo sem saber
Que lugar me pertence que eu possa abandonar
Que lugar me contém que possa me parar
Sou errada, sou errante
Sempre na estrada, sempre distante
Vou errando enquanto o tempo me deixar ♥ ♪


l know for anybody if in any way you are pretending something that is not true for your life. You will not be able to move forward. Because that untruth, that uncertainty about standing in your truth, blocks you from all that you’re meant to be.


A film created by myself and Lewis about Vicky Beeching is currently the main video on The Guardian website!

We created this very special film so that Vicky Beeching could explain her situation and what has led her to this point. She was so nervous beforehand!

This was the first filming she ever did on this topic.

Let us know what you think of the video. We think she’s a total inspiration.

Special thanks to Lucy Goodman for the stunning location, and to Freddy McConnell at The Guardian. 

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